Lifescopes for 9th January - 15th January

Path 1 - Capricorn 22nd December-20th January

The focus for you this week is on negotiation and compromise. Thinking that something can only happen if it is done your way is not any longer the way to think and if you sit back and think about it, you know this is what you have been doing. When you compromise you are not giving in to others and their thoughts or opinions, you are allowing others to help you get to where you need to be and to find the most successful outcome to the situation. Negotiation is a great way for you to move ahead this week. Allowing for compromise in all discussions this week is going to show you that things are easier to achieve when you share your ideas than if you keep them inside. This week the small compromises you make will bring you big results.

Lucky numbers for this week; 8, 14, 20, 24 and 30

Path 2 - Aquarius 21st January-18th February

The focus for you this week is not to hold back. It is time for you to take the leap and push yourself into situations that are good for you. If there is a party, then why not go! What stops you from having a good time is your concern that you will not enjoy yourself and there is not any reason you will not enjoy everything about this week. This is a week where the path is showing new cycles for you that show you that you no longer have to hold back. If you want to wear that low cut dress that other say you shouldn’t! Do it! If it feels right for you and your actions are not harming others then there is not any reason not to do it. Allow yourself a week of extravagant living by letting go of your fears and showing the world you have arrived.

Lucky numbers this week; 8, 16, 18, 28 and 29

Path 3 - Pisces 19th February-20th March

Ask for help and all will be well. The focus this week in the path is one that shows you the need to ask others for assistance and not try to do it all yourself. You have so much going on at the moment that you physically cannot do it all yourself and so you may as well let others help. Your fears that they will do it wrong, or not how you would do it have to be put aside. Asking for help this week will lessen the emotional load you are carrying too and enable you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will also find that in allowing others to help you that you are left with more time to concentrate on other areas of your life that you have not had time for. Celebrate at the end of the week on having nothing to do! All has been done!

Lucky numbers for this week; 3, 5, 19, 21 and 23

Path 4 - Aries 21st March-20th April

The focus this week is on your relationships with others. The path is showing that any delay you have been seeing with regards to relationships is going to change for the better. If you are not in a relationship, then you will soon be seeing a potential partner is just around the corner. If you are in a relationship that has been rocky of late, you will start to work things out, and if you are concerned that some of your relationships with others are not how they should be, it is time to evaluate what these people really do mean to you. Relationships take many forms, from relationships with lovers to relationships with friends. Now is the time to see if they are working.

Lucky numbers for this week; 8, 9, 12, 23 and 31

Path 5 - Taurus 21st April-21st May

Career! Career! Career! This is the focus of your path this week and an area of your life that needs you full concentration this week. For those of you that have been hoping to get out of a rut and find something more suitable, now is the time to start looking around for new opportunities. Movement areas of your path are good for communication and so this is a great time for interviews. If you are happy where you are at work then look at ways to keep your career fresh so that boredom does not start to set it. For those of you out of work or studying for a career, then the current cycle is one that is right for you and so whatever you have been doing to reach you goal, continue! It is working for you.

Lucky numbers for this week; 1, 8, 16, 23 and 27

Path 6 - Gemini 22nd May-21st June

The focus for you this week is in being careful what you say to others and taking the time to think before you speak. It is also time to think about your actions before you run in and do the wrong thing. Sometimes you do not sit back and look at your actions and the consequences of them and this can lead you to making silly mistakes that cause you stress and anxiety that could have been prevented. Taking the time to think about things before you rush ahead will save you a lot of trouble this week. If you have already “put your foot in it” then do not worry. This is a good time for apologies and for others understanding that you meant well. It’s all about thinking before you act!

Lucky numbers for this week; 8, 9, 20, 21 and 30

Path 7 - Cancer 22nd June-22nd July

Taking the time to realise you are not always right! This is your focus this week and it works well for you. When you take the time to look at both sides of the story and not just one side, it is usually the case that you can see that things are not just as they seem on the surface. If you listen to others and let them try to show you that there is another side of the story, you can get results more quickly and the outcome will be more successful. This is not a negative thing we see for you this week, in fact, it may be your chance to see some very positive changes available to you by listening to someone else. What they tell you, or open your eyes to, could be very beneficial indeed. This could be some good lucky change coming your way.

Lucky numbers for this week; 3, 5, 12, 19 and 22

Path 8 - Leo 23rd July-23rd August

The focus for you this week is that you take the time to enjoy life and taking the time to remember that even the smallest and most mundane things you do each day are things that lead to you making great choices. These day to day choices you make allow you to have some amazing experiences in your life. Although it is not always possible to get excited about the small things you do each day, they really do lead to a culmination of very positive energy that leads to good things happening for you. Even if you feel you have been dealt a bad blow this week! Hold your head high, breathe deeply and see something positive in the negative situation you feel has arisen. If there is a party this week then grab your invite.

Lucky numbers for this week; 6, 11, 19, 30 and 32

Path 9 - Virgo 21st August-22nd September

The main focus for you this week is in taking control of your finances and making sure that you know where you money is going. If you are in the lucky position of not having to worry about your finances it can be very easy to overspend or not take note of how much money you are wasting on things that you do not need. If your finances are not the best, then looking at your spending patterns and looking at how you budget will offer you some good surprises. You will be seeing that there is a little more cash available than you thought. However, if you feel like splashing out, make sure debts and bills are your first source of priority. Once the debts are out of the way, there will always be more money available to you.

Lucky numbers for this week; 8, 13, 26, 27 and 33

Path 10 - Libra 23rd September-23rd October

Good news is coming and the focus for you this week it to get prepared for it. There have been some very hard times for you lately. The path has been quite delayed in many areas and you have felt that at every turn there is still more work to be done. And there has. But! Now is a time for change. This week we are seeing lucky breaks, good news on the career front, extra cash coming from an unexpected source and just a general sense of wellbeing. Make sure you are prepared for this and that you use this positive energy wisely. When the money comes, do not spend it all! An opportunity for a new job, do not blow it! Believe in yourself and this is a great week for you.

Lucky numbers for this week; 11, 12, 23, 24 and 28

Path 11 - Scorpio 21st October-22nd November

The focus this week is in remembering that dreams can come true but that you still have to work for your achievements. It is a well know fact that thing do not just fall into our laps. Your daily actions are responsible for everything we have in your life and the harder you work for things the easier they will appear to be available to you. Do not sit back and wait for things to happen. If you want to make changes now is a great time to make them so that you can have the things you are dreaming of. If you dream of living in a mansion, then put all your efforts into making the money you need to have that lifestyle. You can do it but you need to remember that some hard work may be needed too.

Lucky numbers this week; 9, 10, 23, 24 and 29

Path 12 - Sagittarius 23rd November-21st December

Trust! That is the focus for you this week in many ways. Do not just trust something as being right, check it and check it again. If you are signing contacts this week, then look at every word written and do not just trust that those in the know have gotten it right. It is also a time this week to look at the trust you have in others and how you feel you can trust what others do for you or feel about you. Can you really trust your friends? Make sure this is a time where trust is at the forefront. Also, it is time to be more open so that others can trust you too. It is always easy to want trust but not always do you act in ways that allow others to trust you. If this has been the case then there is no better time to change.

Lucky numbers for this week; 1, 3, 5, 28 and 29