Daily Wisdom – 4th March 2021

THE SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE – ANT SPIRIT”TIME TO COLLABORATE”When Ant Spirit comes to visit, it’s to celebrate the benefits of working in a partnership with others as part of a community or tribe. Spirit reminds you that to build your dream, you need to work with others, accept help and trust in your most important Read More

Daily Wisdom – 1st March 2021

THE SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE – WOMBAT SPIRIT”BE AT HOME”Burrowing deep into the ground, remaining safe, sound, and well-fed with family, is a special trait of the Wombat. Home sweet home is always available if you recognise that well-beingis the truth of life.Wombat spirit reminds you that to be truly at home in the world, you need Read More

Daily Wisdom – 23rd February 2021

THE SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE – SANDPIPER SPIRIT”BE PLAYFUL”Sandpipers are like cute little clowns, poking their beaks into the sand before darting off to chase the waves.The appearance of Sandpiper Spirit is a sign that now is a time to engage your playfulness. Whatever tasks you have before you, perform them with a lightness of being. Read More

Daily Wisdom – 18th February 2021

THE SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE – KOI FISH SPIRIT”There is always enough”The koi fish, who grows big within a small pond, reminds us that within each of us is the potential for prosperity. The Law of Abundance ensures that prosperity is our natural state, so regardless of temporary outer conditions, you can call in prosperity and magnetically attract the opportunities and abundance Read More

Daily Wisdom – 17th February 2021

THE SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE – PARROT SPIRIT”WATCH YOUR WORDS”What are you saying to yourself? What message are you repeating? Is it something that makes you feel good about yourself and reminds you of your strengths and potential? Parrots mimic the sounds around them, and when Parrot Spirit appears, it is time to be more mindful Read More