What are you saying to yourself? What message are you repeating? Is it something that makes you feel good about yourself and reminds you of your strengths and potential? Parrots mimic the sounds around them, and when Parrot Spirit appears, it is time to be more mindful of your self-talk and its qualities.

What do you say to others? Are you repeating what you truly believe? Remembering to speak with light and love can become a habit. Be generous with compliments and thanks, affirming all that is good so that your loving, healing words will be heard throughout the jungle, cutting through the noise and inspiring others.

Listen for the words that remind you of all the strength, abundance, and joy in your life and in the world around you, and then repeat them, affirming what is real, true, and nurturing to the soul.

The universe will reflect back to you the story you tell. Words matter, so choose ones that lift you up and inspire others to remember that beauty surrounds us.

PARROT SPIRIT from The Spirit Animal Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid

Wisdom of the House of Night - Playful

My child- life is not always so serious. Choosing this symbol means it’s time to lighten up and be playful! No matter what you are asking about this is the time to have a sense of humor about it.

Smile, and go do something fun. Life has a way of answering all questions when you’re not looking. Wouldn’t it be better if you were enjoying your life than sitting around waiting for what you want to happen?

Know that when this symbol appears in your life the fun is about to start!

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