The time has come to be gentle and diplomatic when dealing with others. You might have found yourself in a situation where negotiations are necessary in order to reach your goal. Be mindful of the words you choose, but do not worry.

Deer Spirit reminds you that you have the ability to be sure-footed and confident while showing humility and respect for others. You will fi nd that your capacity for calm and grounded communication is heightened at this time.

Follow the way of Deer Spirit and you will do well, gaining the respect of others and finding common ground that is pleasing to you. 

Remember that understanding others and their needs will be more powerful at this time than putting your own first. If you do that, you will be rewarded tenfold.

DEER SPIRIT from The Spirit Animal Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid

Earth Magic Oracle - Rain


No matter whether it's a light shower or a deluge, rain cleanses and purifies. The moisture that has evaporated from the various bodies of water on the planet and was drawn into the atmosphere now returns to earth as liquid precipitation in natures vast and comprehensive water-recycling program. Depending on where and when the rain falls, it can come as a welcome relief or a nuisance.

Even the air smells fresh after a good rain. It also brings in clean water, which provides needed sustenance for plants, animals and humans. At its most intense, rainstorms arrive as an avalanche of water, often accompanied by great and powerful winds, with considerable flooding and destruction as an unfortunate consequence of nature's impersonal balancing act. What is purged makes way for new life to appear.

RAIN from Earth Magic Oracle - Steven D Farmer

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