Card of the Day - 1st July 2020


"It's time to draw your energies inward..."

It's time to draw your energies inward. Let go off all the things that are superfluous and unnecessary at this time. Focus your attention on the job ahead. Do what is in front of you, no matter how small the task. Clear focus is required. 

Be mindful to stay in the present. Avoid looking back or too far forward, for it is only staying in the true present - the now - that the power residing in this sacred journey marker can be used for the benefit of all.

Your path is marked with the need to regroup and remind yourself of your goal. The stay in the present time and do what is directly in front of you. Only one small, focused step at a time will place you at your destination.

FOCUS from The Wisdom Of Avalon - Colette Baron-Reid