After a long day working…A blustery dog walk!

You know those days when there just never seem to be enough hours to get everything done that you’ve planned to have done? Today was one of those days for me. Usually on those days, when it comes to the dog walk, it’s a quick trip around the block before work and another one after, but after a very long day I needed to clear the cobwebs. Fast forward to jumping in the car and a quick drive to one of my favourite dog walking spots. It’s a place where the open space immediately refreshes me and makes me feel alive again. I live for being outside in the fresh air, in a field, a forest, by the beach, walking by a stream…I usually take the opportunity to pick up some natural materials for any spell-crafting I am be planning or preparing. Whilst the little man was busy exploring exploring and sniffing every tree we came by, I helped myself to pine cones and wild grasses for my herb and plant collection.

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